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divine englisch

Neuerscheinungen · Englisch · Französisch · Spanisch · Italienisch · Deutsch · Katalog · App-Übersicht · Akzeptierte Zahlungsmittel. Übersetzungen für divine im Englisch» Deutsch-Wörterbuch von PONS Online: divine, divine intervention, to pray for divine intervention, divine judgement. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'divine' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten ✓ Aussprache und. Moans I heard uttered upon every side, but saw no person who might make Beste Spielothek in Lanze finden there; hence, premier league live radio deutsch confused, I checked my steps. This insolence of theirs is nothing new, for at a gateway less concealed than this they used it once, which still is lockless found. What folk is this, that seems so overwhelmed with woe? The Italian text is that of the Vandelli edition ofwith such changes in individual words, spelling, and punctuation Thrills Casino | Spiele el jackpotto |Bekomme Free Spins, in my judgment, seemed warranted in themselves, and justified by having been adopted by one or more of such accredited Italian editors of the poem Beste Spielothek in Kemlitz finden Torraca, Casini, Passerini, or, in some instances, by our American Dantist, Dr. A modern, glass apartment tower, the Avalon Morningside Park now occupies the space. Intemperance in Indignation Deutschland gegen usa fußball Wrathful and Sullen. He freed mine eyes, and said: In one interview, Divine admitted that he had hoped to play both the role of mother and daughter in Hairspraybut that the producers had been "a bit leery" and chose Ricki Lake for the latter role instead. Its face was as the face of a just man, so pleasing outwardly was its complexion; the body of a serpent all the rest. My First Album Letter to The New York Post. And as I, looking, came into their midst, azure upon a yellow pouch I saw, which had the form and semblance of a lion. Unlike earlier roles, Fishpaw was not a strong female but a meek and Beste Spielothek in Le Bry finden woman who falls in love with her dream lover, Todd Tomorrow, played by Tab Hunter. And I, afraid lest any longer stay paroli system anger him who warned me to be brief, turned from those weary spirits back again. I have furthermore striven to keep myself free from all organic omissions or additions, however sorely tempted by actual indolence, or fancied inspiration, in the hope that a faithful translation, expressed in the best English and in Beste Spielothek in Tugendorf finden best blank verse at my command, would divine englisch enable me to render with some success the homely directness and familiarity, Edition:

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Wir arbeiten daran, die Qualität der Beispielsätze im Hinblick auf die Relevanz und die Übersetzungen immer weiter zu verbessern. The divine ear made of China. Web Bilder Definition Wörterbuch Konjugation. Meanwhile people in nearly all the countries of this earth have made contact with Universal Life, and many groups of Original Christians have developed in many countries.. Wir haben mit automatischen Verfahren diejenigen Übersetzungen identifiziert, die vertrauenswürdig sind. Took divine intervention to bring them down.

Here, Waters encouraged Divine's drag persona to become more outrageous, exposing her overweight stomach and carrying weapons. He later commented that he wanted Divine to become "the Godzilla of drag queens", [67] a direct confrontation with the majority of Euro-American drag queens who wanted to be Miss America.

In , Divine returned to Baltimore to film Waters's next motion picture, Female Trouble , in which he played the lead role. Divine's character, teenage delinquent Dawn Davenport, embraces the idea that crime is art and is eventually executed in the electric chair for her violent behavior.

Female Trouble proved to be Divine's favorite of his films, because it both allowed him to develop his character and to finally play a male role, something he had always felt important because he feared being typecast as a female impersonator.

Bernard Jay, Divine's manager, said that it was a "gigantic disaster," as Divine did not have as large a part in the revue as audience members expected.

Divine was unable to appear in Waters's next feature, Desperate Living , despite the fact that the role of Mole McHenry had been written for him. This was because he had returned to working in the theater, this time taking the role of the scheming prison matron Pauline in Tom Eyen 's comedy Women Behind Bars.

Containing a new cast, it proved less successful than it had in New York. The event was filmed by director Richard Gayer, whose subsequent film, entitled Alternative Miss World , premiered at the Odeon in London's Leicester Square as well as featuring at the Cannes Film Festival , both events which were attended by Divine.

Impressed with Divine's performance in Women Behind Bars , playwright Tom Eyen decided to write a new play that would feature him in a starring role.

It played at the Hurrah! Divine would remain very proud of the work, seeing it as evidence that his acting skills were coming to wider recognition, and his performances were attended by such celebrities as Eartha Kitt , Elton John , and Liza Minnelli.

In the city, Divine assembled a group of friends that came to be known as his "New York family": While there, he frequented the famous club Studio 54 , having a love of partying and club culture.

Divine eventually decided to abandon his agent, Robert Hussong, and replace him with his English friend Bernard Jay.

Jay suggested that with his love of clubs, Divine could obtain work performing in them; as a result, Divine first appeared in at a gay club in Fort Lauderdale , Florida , where his unscripted act included shouting "fuck you" repeatedly at the audience and then getting into a fight with another drag queen, a gimmick that proved popular with the club's clientele.

Subsequently, he saw the commercial potential of including disco songs in with his act and, with Tom Eyen and composer Henry Krieger , created "Born to be Cheap" in Unlike earlier roles, Fishpaw was not a strong female but a meek and victimized woman who falls in love with her dream lover, Todd Tomorrow, played by Tab Hunter.

In real life, tabloid publications claimed a romantic connection between them, an assertion both denied. Even though Scott thought Divine unsuitable for the part, he claimed to be enthusiastic about Divine's work and was very interested in including him in another of his films, but ultimately this never came about.

That same year, Divine decided to get back in contact with his estranged parents. His mother had learned of his cinematic and disco career after reading an article about the films of John Waters in Life magazine, and had gone to see Female Trouble at the cinema, but had not felt emotionally able to get back in contact with her son until She got a friend to hand Divine a note at one of his concerts, leading Divine to telephone her, and the family was subsequently reunited.

In fact, according to his manager Bernard Jay, he was already heavily in debt due to his extravagant spending. To help publicize these singles, which proved to be successful in many discos across the world, Divine went on television shows like Good Morning America , as well as on a series of tours in which he combined his musical performances with comedic stunts and routines that often played up to his characters' stereotype of being "trashy" and outrageous.

Divine's career as a disco singer continued and his records had sold well, but he and his management felt that they were not receiving their share of the profits.

They went to court against Orlando and his company, O-Records, and successfully nullified their contract. He gained a devout follower, Briton Mitch Whitehead, a man who would declare himself to be Divine's "number 1 fan", tattooing himself with images of his idol and eventually aiding Bernard Jay in setting up for Divine's show onstage.

Set in the Wild West during the nineteenth century, the movie was a sex comedy that starred Divine as Rosie Velez, a promiscuous woman who works as a singer in saloons and competes for the love of Abel Wood Tab Hunter against another woman.

A parody of the western Duel in the Sun , the film was a moderate critical success, with Divine receiving praise from a number of reviewers.

The script was written with Divine in mind. Although not a major character in the film, Divine had been eager to play the part because he wished to perform in more male roles and leave behind the stereotype of simply being a female impersonator.

Reviews of the film were mixed, as were the evaluations of Divine's performance. After finishing his work on Trouble in Mind , Divine again became involved with a John Waters project, the film Hairspray Set in Baltimore during the s, Hairspray revolved around self-proclaimed "pleasantly plump" teenager Tracy Turnblad as she pursues stardom as a dancer on a local television show and rallies against racial segregation.

As he had in Waters's earlier film Female Trouble , Divine took on two roles in the film, one of which was female and the other male. The first of these, Edna Turnblad, was Tracy's loving mother; Divine would later note that with this character he could not be accurately described as a drag queen, proclaiming "What drag queen would allow herself to look like this?

I look like half the women from Baltimore. In one interview, Divine admitted that he had hoped to play both the role of mother and daughter in Hairspray , but that the producers had been "a bit leery" and chose Ricki Lake for the latter role instead.

After the screening, a party was held at the Baltimore Museum of Art , where Frances Milstead granted an impromptu interview to the English film critic Jonathan Ross , a friend and fan of Divine's.

Divine's final film role was in the low-budget comedy horror Out of the Dark , produced with the same crew as Lust in the Dust. Appearing in only one scene within the film, he played the character of Detective Langella, a foulmouthed policeman investigating the murders of a killer clown.

Out of the Dark would be released the year after Divine's death. Portraits of Divine were painted by several famous artists, including David Hockney and Andy Warhol , both of whom were known for their works which dealt with popular culture.

He was scheduled to film a guest appearance the following day as Uncle Otto on the Fox network 's television series Married Shortly before midnight, he died in his sleep, at age 42, of an enlarged heart.

They contacted Thomas Noguchi , the Chief Coroner for the County of Los Angeles , who arranged for removal of the body; Divine's friends were able to prevent the press from taking any photographs of the body as it was being carried out of the hotel.

Divine's body was flown back to Maryland and taken to Ruck's Funeral Home in Towson, where a coffin was obtained for him.

The funeral took place at Prospect Hill Cemetery, where a crowd of hundreds had assembled to pay their respects.

John Waters gave a speech and was one of the pallbearers who then carried the coffin to its final resting place, next to the grave of Divine's grandmother.

Many flowers were left at the grave, including a wreath sent by actress Whoopi Goldberg , which bore the remark "See what happens when you get good reviews.

An example of Divine's banter with his audience []. After developing a name for himself as a female impersonator known for "trashy" behavior in his early John Waters films, Divine capitalized on this image by appearing at his musical performances in his drag persona.

In this role, he was described by his manager Bernard Jay, as displaying "Trash. According to Divine's manager Bernard Jay, this was not because Divine himself was gay, but because the gay community "openly and proudly identified with the determination of the female character Divine".

Divine became increasingly known for outlandish stunts onstage, each time trying to outdo what he had done before.

At one performance in London's Hippodrome coinciding with American Independence Day , Divine rose up from the floor on a hydraulic lift, draped in the American flag, and declared: Drag is my work clothes.

I only put it on when someone pays me to", [] a view he echoed to his friends. During his childhood and adolescence, Divine was called "Glenn" by his friends and family; as an adult, he used the stage name "Divine" as his personal name, telling one interviewer that both "Divine" and "Glenn Milstead" were "both just names.

Glenn is the name I was brought up with, Divine is the name I've been using for the past 23 years. I guess it's always Glenn and it's always Divine. Do you mean the character Divine or the person Divine?

You see, it gets very complicated. There's the Divine you're talking to now and there's the character Divine, which is just something I do to make a living.

She doesn't really exist at all. Divine considered himself to be male, and was not transgender or transsexual. Divine's mother, Frances Milstead, remarked that while Divine "was blessed with many talents and abilities, he could be very moody and demanding.

On numerous occasions he would have his photograph taken with them and sometimes use these images for record covers and posters. The New York Times said of Milstead's s films: In what has become a tradition, fans have been known to leave makeup, food, and graffiti on his grave in memoriam ; Waters claims that some fans have sexual intercourse on his grave, which he believes Divine would love.

Divine has left an influence on a number of musicians. During the mids, the androgynous performer Sylvester decorated the powder room of his San Francisco home with Divine memorabilia.

The song, titled "Divine," was an ode to the actor, who was one of Anohni's lifelong heroes. Her admiration is expressed in the lines: Admitting that he was "immensely proud" of Divine and the cause which he "strived for", Jay noted in the book's introduction that he wrote the work because he felt that Divine deserved a "memorial" that would act as a "record for posterity".

Besides aforementioned singles, Divine also recorded such songs as " Female Trouble ", "Kick Your Butt" and "Psychedelic Shack" - a total of 22 different tracks.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Divine Divine in a publicity photograph from the s. It's the name John [Waters] gave me. That's what everybody calls me now, even my close friends.

Not many of them call me Glenn at all anymore, which I don't mind. They can call me whatever they want.

They call me fatso, and they call me asshole, and I don't care. You always change your name when you're in the show business. Divine has stuck as my name.

In other words, a blank verse line cannot be made by applying scissors to indifferent prose. Again, in some such use of blank verse Edition: I have furthermore striven to keep myself free from all organic omissions or additions, however sorely tempted by actual indolence, or fancied inspiration, in the hope that a faithful translation, expressed in the best English and in the best blank verse at my command, would ultimately enable me to render with some success the homely directness and familiarity, Edition: The Italian text is that of the Vandelli edition of , with such changes in individual words, spelling, and punctuation as, in my judgment, seemed warranted in themselves, and justified by having been adopted by one or more of such accredited Italian editors of the poem as Torraca, Casini, Passerini, or, in some instances, by our American Dantist, Dr.

In very few cases only have I risked erring heretically on the side of radical boldness in adopting a rejected variant which seemed more Dante-like, or more consistent with its immediate or more remote context, than that of the textus receptus.

On the other hand, several temptations to make Dante say in my translation something in Edition: On the English page the reader will see that in the vast majority of cases I have found it possible to have three lines of blank verse match the three lines of each opposite terzina without disloyalty to the interests of either.

Where this seemed impossible or undesirable, simple typographical devices have been adopted, to keep up the useful parallelism to the eye, without detriment to the flow or metrical integrity of the English verse.

Again, in the translation the subject matter has been helped, I trust, by being divided into paragraphs, with the object of making the dialogue clearer, as well as of isolating and framing independent gems of thought, feeling or description.

A temperate use of capitals has been made in printing both texts with a similar aim. In dealing with the title Maestro, as applied to Virgil by Dante, I have replaced the usual translation, Master, by that of Teacher, which more correctly and unambiguously distinguishes his function as an instructor from that of lord, leader, or guide.

In the hope of publishing before long a fourth volume containing a running commentary on the poem, all notes have been omitted from the pages of the translation, what seemed indispensable being inserted in the Interpretative Analysis, which will explain itself.

Coming now to the question of indebtedness, apart from what I personally owe to the happy accident of my Italian birth and early familiarity with both Italian and English, and from what every Dante scholar consciously or unconsciously owes to the high lights, old and new, of the vast and rich body of Dante literature; as well as apart from that deeper spiritual indebtedness which could only find adequate expression in the simple Italian words of my dedication; I wish here to express my special gratitude to Dr.

Koopman, Librarian of Brown University, for the uncounted hours of his valuable time, the long continued and ever increasing sympathy, the convincing praise and persuasive disapproval, without which I might have had to advance too Edition: Among the latter, Dr.

Guido Biagi of the Laurentian Library, and Count Giuseppe Lando Passerini, editor of the Giornale Dantesco, are here most gratefully remembered for courtesies, encouragement, and help extended to me during my stay in Florence.

Finally, before closing a preface to what I hope will prove to have, under the present circumstances of the world, something more than merely a scholarly import, I cannot forego the opportunity of recording the intense joy with which, as an American who, born in Rome and brought up in Florence, lived to become a lover not only of Dante the Poet, but also of Dante the Patriot, I appreciate the full significance of its date.

The Wrathful and Sullen. The City of Dis. Traitors to their Relatives, and to their Country. Traitors to their Country, and to their Guests.

Providence, Rhode Island, October When half way through the journey of our life I found that I was in a gloomy wood, because the path which led aright was lost.

And ah, how hard it is to say just what this wild and rough and stubborn woodland was, the very thought of which renews my fear! Then quieted a little was the fear, which in the lake-depths of my heart had lasted throughout the night I passed so piteously.

Then lo, not far from where the ascent began, a Leopard which, exceeding light and swift, was covered over with a spotted hide, and from my presence did not move away; nay, rather, she so hindered my advance, that more than once I turned me to go back.

The latter so oppressed me with the fear that issued from her aspect, that I lost the hope I had of winning to the top.

While toward the lowland I was falling fast, the sight of one was offered to mine eyes, who seemed, through long continued silence, weak. But thou, to such sore trouble why return?

Why climbst thou not the Mountain of Delight, which is of every joy the source and cause? Thou art my teacher and authority; thou only art the one from whom I took the lovely manner which hath done me honor.

Behold the beast on whose account I turned; from her protect me, O thou famous Sage, for she makes both my veins and pulses tremble!

Many are the animals with which she mates, and still more will there be, until the Hound shall come, and bring her to a painful death.

And he shall drive her out of every town, till he have put her back again in Hell, from which the earliest envy sent her forth. With her at my departure I shall leave thee, because the Emperor who rules up there, since I was not obedient to His law, wills none shall come into His town through me.

He rules as emperor everywhere, and there as king; there is His town and lofty throne. O happy he whom He thereto elects!

And I to him: Daylight was going, and the dusky air was now releasing from their weary toil all living things on earth; and I alone was making ready to sustain the war both of the road and of the sympathy, which my unerring memory will relate.

O Muses, O high Genius, help me now! O Memory, that wrotest what I saw, herewith shall thy nobility appear!

Thou sayest that the sire of Silvio entered, when still corruptible, the immortal world, and that while in his body he was there.

Hence, that to him the Opponent of all ill was courteous, considering the great result that was to come from him, both who, and what, seems not unfitting to a thoughtful man; for he of fostering Rome and of her sway in the Empyrean Heaven was chosen as sire;.

But why should I go there, or who concedes it? If, therefore, I consent to come, I fear lest foolish be my coming; thou art wise, and canst much better judge than I can talk.

Among the intermediate souls I was, when me a Lady called, so beautiful and happy, that I begged her to command. Bestir thee, then, and with thy finished speech, and with whatever his escape may need, assist him so that I may be consoled.

When in the presence of my Lord again, often shall I commend thee unto Him. But tell me why thou dost not mind descending into this center from that ample place, whither thou art so eager to return.

Of those things only should one be afraid, that have the power of doing injury; not of the rest, for they should not be feared. I, of His mercy, am so made by God, that me your wretchedness doth not affect, nor any flame of yonder fire molest.

There is a Gentle Lady up in Heaven, who grieves so at this check, whereto I send thee, that broken is stern judgment there above.

Dost thou not hear the anguish of his cry? What is it, then? Why, why dost thou hold back? Go on now, since we two have but one will; thou Leader, and thou Lord, and Teacher thou!

Through me one goes into the town of woe, through me one goes into eternal pain, through me among the people that are lost. Justice inspired my high exalted Maker; I was created by the Might divine, the highest Wisdom and the primal Love.

Before me there was naught created, save eternal things, and I eternal last; all hope abandon, ye that enter here!

These words of gloomy color I beheld inscribed upon the summit of a gate; whence I: There sighs and wails and piercing cries of woe reverberated through the starless air; hence I, at first, shed tears of sympathy.

And I, whose head was girt about with horror, said: What folk is this, that seems so overwhelmed with woe? Commingled are they with that worthless choir of Angels who did not rebel, nor yet were true to God, but sided with themselves.

The heavens, in order not to be less fair, expelled them; nor doth nether Hell receive them, because the bad would get some glory thence.

The world allows no fame of them to live; Mercy and Justice hold them in contempt. Let us not talk of them; but look, and pass! I understood immediately, and was assured that this the band of cowards was, who both to God displeasing are, and to His enemies.

These wretched souls, who never were alive, were naked, and were sorely spurred to action by means of wasps and hornets that were there.

The latter streaked their faces with their blood, which, after it had mingled with their tears, was at their feet sucked up by loathsome worms.

And he to me: Give up all hope of ever seeing Heaven! I come to take you to the other shore, into eternal darkness, heat and cold. And thou that yonder art, a living soul, withdraw thee from those fellows that are dead.

Those spirits, though, who nude and weary were, their color changed, and gnashed their teeth together, as soon as they had heard the cruel words.

They kept blaspheming God, and their own parents, the human species, and the place, and time, and seed of their conception and their birth.

Charon, the demon, with his ember eyes makes beckoning signs to them, collects them all, and with his oar beats whoso takes his ease.

Even as in autumn leaves detach themselves, now one and now another, till their branch sees all its stripped off clothing on the ground; so, one by one, the evil seed of Adam cast themselves down that river-bank at signals, as doth a bird to its recalling lure.

A good soul never goes across from hence; if Charon, therefore, findeth fault with thee, well canst thou now know what his words imply.

The darkling plain, when this was ended, quaked so greatly, that the memory of my terror bathes me even now with sweat.

The Borderland Unbaptized Worthies. A heavy thunder-clap broke the deep sleep within my head, so that I roused myself, as would a person who is waked by force; and standing up erect, my rested eyes I moved around, and with a steady gaze I looked about to know where I might be.

Since our long journey drives us, let us go! To me then my good Teacher: Nor far this side of where I fell asleep had we yet gone, when I beheld a fire, which overcame a hemisphere of gloom.

Somewhat away from it we were as yet, but not so far, but I could dimly see that honorable people held that place.

My kindly Teacher then began to say: Homer he is, the sovreign poet; Horace, the satirist, the one that cometh next; the third is Ovid, Lucan is the last.

Since each of them in common shares with me the title which the voice of one proclaimed, they do me honor, and therein do well.

Then, having talked among themselves awhile, they turned around to me with signs of greeting; and, when he noticed this, my Teacher smiled.

And even greater honor still they did me, for one of their own company they made me, so that amid such wisdom I was sixth. Thus on we went as far as to the light, talking of things whereof is silence here becoming, even as speech was, where we spoke.

This last we crossed as if dry land it were; through seven gates with these sages I went in, and to a meadow of fresh grass we came.

There people were with slow and serious eyes, and, in their looks, of great authority; they spoke but seldom and with gentle voice.

We therefore to one side of it drew back into an open place so luminous and high, that each and all could be perceived. There on the green enamel opposite were shown to me the spirits of the great, for seeing whom I glory in myself.

I saw Electra with companions many, of whom I knew both Hector and Aeneas, and Caesar armed, with shining falcon eyes. I saw Camilla with Penthesilea upon the other side, and King Latinus, who with Lavinia, his own daughter, sat.

Then, having raised my brows a little higher, the Teacher I beheld of those that know, seated amid a philosophic group. I cannot speak of all of them in full, because my long theme drives me on so fast, that oft my words fall short of what I did.

The sixfold band now dwindles down to two; my wise Guide leads me by a different path out of the calm into the trembling air; and to a place I come, where naught gives light.

Sexual Intemperance The Lascivious and Adulterers. Thus from the first of circles I went down into the second, which surrounds less space, and all the greater pain, which goads to wailing.

There Minos stands in horrid guise, and snarls; inside the entrance he examines sins, judges, and, as he girds himself, commits.

I mean that when an ill-born soul appears before him, it confesses itself wholly; and thereupon that Connoisseur of sins perceives what place in Hell belongs to it, and girds him with his tail as many times, as are the grades he wishes it sent down.

Before him there are always many standing; they go to judgment, each one in his turn; they speak and hear, and then are downward hurled.

I reached a region silent of all light, which bellows as the sea doth in a storm, if lashed and beaten by opposing winds.

The infernal hurricane, which never stops, carries the spirits onward with its sweep, and, as it whirls and smites them, gives them pain.

I understood that to this kind of pain are doomed those carnal sinners, who subject their reason to their sensual appetite. And as their wings bear starlings on their way, when days are cold, in full and wide-spread flocks; so doth that blast the evil spirits bear; this way and that, and up and down it leads them; nor only doth no hope of rest, but none of lesser suffering, ever comfort them.

And even as cranes move on and sing their lays, forming the while a long line in the air; thus saw I coming, uttering cries of pain,.

To sexual vice so wholly was she given, that lust she rendered lawful in her laws, thus to remove the blame she had incurred. Semiramis she is, of whom one reads that she gave suck to Ninus, and became his wife; she held the land the Soldan rules.

See Helen, for whose sake so long a time of guilt rolled by, and great Achilles see, who fought with love when at the end of life.

Of whatsoever it may please you hear and speak, we will both hear and speak with you, while yet, as now it is, the wind is hushed. The town where I was born sits on the shore, whither the Po descends to be at peace together with the streams that follow him.

When I had heard those sorely troubled souls, I bowed my head, and long I held it low, until the Poet said: Oft did that reading cause our eyes to meet, and often take the color from our faces; and yet one passage only overcame us.

When we had read of how the longed-for smile was kissed by such a lover, this one here, who nevermore shall be divided from me, trembling all over, kissed me on my mouth.

A Gallehault the book, and he who wrote it! No further in it did we read that day. Intemperance in Food Gluttons.

Coarse hail, and snow, and dirty-colored water through the dark air are ever pouring down; and foully smells the ground receiving them.

A wild beast, Cerberus, uncouth and cruel, is barking with three throats, as would a dog, over the people that are there submerged.

Red eyes he hath, a dark and greasy beard, a belly big, and talons on his hands; he claws the spirits, flays and quarters them. The rainfall causes them to howl like dogs; with one side they make shelter for the other; oft do the poor profaners turn about.

When Cerberus, the mighty worm, perceived us, his mouths he opened, showing us his fangs; nor had he any limb that he kept still.

My Leader then stretched out his opened palms, and took some earth, and with his fists well filled, he threw it down into the greedy throats.

And like a dog that, barking, yearns for food, and, when he comes to bite it, is appeased, since only to devour it doth he strain and fight; even such became those filthy faces of demon Cerberus, who, thundering, stuns the spirits so, that they would fain be deaf.

Over the shades the heavy rain beats down we then were passing, as our feet we set upon their unreal bodies which seem real.

They each and all were lying on the ground, excepting one, which rose and sat upright, when it perceived us pass in front of it.

But tell me who thou art, that in so painful a place art set, and to such punishment, that none, though greater, so repulsive is.

Herewith he closed his tear-inspiring speech. Then said my Leader: Intemperance in Wealth Misers and Prodigals.

Not causeless is our going to the bottom; there is it willed on high, where Michael wrought vengeance upon the arrogant rebellion.

Justice of God, alas! I here saw folk, more numerous than elsewhere, on one side and the other, with great howls rolling big weights around by strength of chest; they struck against each other; then, right there each turned, and rolling back his weight, cried out: And I, whose heart was well nigh broken, said: These churchmen were, who have no hairy covering upon their heads, and Popes and Cardinals, among whom avarice works its mastery.

The One whose knowledge everything transcends, so made the heavens, and so gave guides to them, that every part on every other shines,. Your knowledge is not able to resist her; foreseeing, she decides, and carries on her government, as theirs the other gods.

Her permutations have no truce at all; necessity compels her to be swift; hence oft it happens that a change occurs.

This is the one who is so often cursed even by those who ought to give her praise, yet give her blame amiss, and ill repute. But she is blest, and gives no heed to that; among the other primal creatures glad, she turns her sphere, and blest enjoys herself.

Than purple-black much darker was its water; and we, accompanying its dusky waves, went down and entered on an uncouth path. A swamp it forms which hath the name of Styx, this dismal little brook, when it hath reached the bottom of the grey, malignant slopes.

And I, who was intensely gazing there, saw muddy people in that slimy marsh, all naked, and with anger in their looks. They struck each other, not with hands alone, but with their heads and chests, and with their feet, and rent each other piecemeal with their teeth.

Said the good Teacher: Stuck in the slime, they say: Intemperance in Indignation The Wrathful and Sullen. No longer shalt thou have us, than while we cross the swamp.

Like one who listens to a great deceit practiced upon him, and who then resents it, so Phlegyas in his stifled wrath became. My Leader then went down into the boat, and had me enter after him; and only when I was in it did it laden seem.

Soon as my Leader and I were in the boat, the ancient prow goes on its way, and cuts more water than with others is its wont. While we were speeding through the stagnant trench, one stood before me filled with mud, and said: He was a haughty person in the world; nor is there any goodness which adorns his memory; hence his shade is furious here.

How many now up yonder think themselves great kings, who here shall be like pigs in mire, leaving behind them horrible contempt!

They all were shouting: We left him there; of him I therefore tell no more; but on mine ears there smote a wail, hence I, intent ahead, unbar mine eyes.

The kindly Teacher said: Thereat we came inside the trenches deep, which fortify that region comfortless; to me its walls appeared to be of iron.

Not without going first a long way round, we came to where the boatman cried aloud to us: Their great disdain they somewhat checked, and said: Let him retrace alone his foolish road, and try it, if he can; for thou shalt here remain, that him so dark a land didst show.

If further progress be denied to us, let us at once retrace our steps together. That Lord then, who had brought me thither, said: I could not hear what he proposed to them; but with them there he did not long remain, for each in rivalry ran back within.

His eyes were downcast, and his eyebrows shorn of all self-trust, and as he sighed he said: This insolence of theirs is nothing new, for at a gateway less concealed than this they used it once, which still is lockless found.

The color cowardice brought out on me, who saw my Leader coming back, the sooner repressed in him his unaccustomed hue. He stopped attentive like a man who listens; because his eyesight could not lead him far through the dark air, and through the heavy fog.

One such did offer us herself! Oh, how I long for some one to arrive! But none the less his language gave me fear, because I lent to his unfinished phrase a meaning worse, perhaps, than he intended.

He replied to me: That is the lowest and the darkest place, and from the heaven that turns all things most distant; well do I know the road; so be at rest!

This marsh, from which the mighty stench exhales, girdles the woeful city round about, which without wrath we cannot enter now.

And he, who well the handmaids of the Queen of everlasting lamentation knew, said unto me: Each with her nails was tearing at her breast; they smote them with their hands, and cried so loud, that to the Poet I drew close in dread.

O ye in whom intelligence is sound, heed carefully the teaching which lies hidden beneath the veil of my mysterious lines!

He freed mine eyes, and said: As frogs before the hostile water-snake scatter in all directions through the water, till each is squatting huddled on the shore; more than a thousand ruined souls I saw, who thus from one were fleeing, who on foot, but with dry feet, was passing over Styx.

That dense air he kept moving from his face by often passing his left hand before him, and only with that trouble weary seemed.

I well perceived he was a Messenger from Heaven, and to my Teacher turned; with signs he warned me to keep still, and bow before him.

Ah, how disdainful did he seem to me! He reached the gate, and with a little wand he opened it, for hindrance had he none.

Why is it that ye kick against the Will, from which its end can never be cut off, and which hath more than once increased your pain?

Of what avail to butt against the Fates? Your Cerberus, if ye remember well, still sports for this a hairless chin and neck.

We entered it without the least contention; and I, who longed to look about and see the state of those whom such a fortress holds, when I was in it, cast mine eyes around, and see on every side an ample plain, with anguish and with awful torture filled.

The lids of all of them were raised, and wails so woeful issued thence, that of a truth they seemed the wails of wretched, tortured men. Here like with like is buried, and more hot and less so are the monuments.

The people that are lying in the tombs, could they be seen? For all the lids are raised, it seems, and there is no one keeping guard.

On this side have their burial-place with Epicurus all his followers, who claim that with the body dies the soul. Thy very language makes thee manifest a native of that noble fatherland, to which I was, perhaps, too great a bane.

My Leader then with bold and ready hands pushed me between the sepulchers toward him, saying: Round me he looked, as if he wished to see whether some other one were with me there; but when his doubt had wholly spent itself, weeping he said: Then of a sudden standing up, he cried: Is he not still alive?

Doth not the sweet light strike upon his eyes? The other one, meanwhile, the great-souled man, at whose request I stopped, changed not his looks, nor did he move his neck or turn his side.

And so mayst thou return to the sweet world, pray tell me why so pitiless toward mine that people is in every law of theirs? It seems, if well I hear, that ye behold beforehand that which time brings with itself, while in the present ye do otherwise.

When they approach, or are, our intellect is wholly vain, and we, if others bring no news, know nothing of your human state.

Hence thou canst understand that wholly dead will be our knowledge from that moment on, when closed shall be the gateway of the future.

The latter moved; and then, as on we went, he said to me: Heresy The Distribution of the Damned in the Inferno. Upon the utmost verge of a high bank, formed in a circle by great broken rocks, we came upon a still more cruel pack; and there, by reason of the horrible excess of stench the deep abyss exhales, for shelter we withdrew behind the lid of a large tomb, whereon I saw a scroll which said: Of all wrong-doing which in Heaven wins hate injustice is the end, and each such end aggrieves by either violence or fraud.

All the first circle holds the violent; but since against three persons force is used, its shape divides it into three great rings.

This latter kind of fraud would seem to kill only the bond of love which Nature makes; hence in the second circle make their nest hypocrisy, and flatteries, and workers of magic, coining, theft and simony, panders and grafters, and such filth as these.

But tell me now: Hast thou no recollection of the words with which thine Ethics treats extensively the dispositions three which Heaven rejects, Incontinence, and Malice, and insane Bestiality, and how Incontinence offends God least, and hence receives least blame?

From these two things, if thou recall to mind the first of Genesis, must people needs obtain their livelihood, and progress make.

And as the usurer takes another course, Nature both in herself and in her follower he scorneth, since in something else he trusts.

The place, where to descend the bank we came, was Alp-like, and, through what was also there, such that all eyes would be repelled by it.

In his direction then my Sage cried out: As doth a bull, who from his leash breaks free the moment he receives the mortal blow, and cannot walk, but plunges here and there; so doing I beheld the Minotaur; and he, aware, cried out: I went along in thought; and he: Now I would have thee know that, when down here to nether Hell I came, that other time, this mass of rock had not yet fallen down.

But turn thine eyes down yonder now; for lo, the stream of blood is drawing near to us, wherein boils who by violence harms others. O blind cupidity, O foolish wrath, that so dost in our short life goad us on, and after, in the eternal, steep us thus!

I saw a wide moat curving in an arc, and such that it embraces all the plain, according as my Escort had informed me; and in a file, between it and the bank, Centaurs were running by, with arrows armed, as in the world it was their wont to hunt.

On seeing us descend, they all stopped short, and three of them detached them from the troop, with bows and arrows they had chosen first.

And one cried from afar: Tell it from there, or else I draw my bow. They go by thousands round about the moat, shooting each soul that from the blood emerges further than its own sin allotted it.

To those swift-footed beasts we then drew near; Chiron an arrow took, and with its notch backward upon his jaws he pushed his beard. When he had thus uncovered his great mouth, he said unto his mates: But by the Power, through whom I move my steps along so wild a road, bestow on us one of thy troop, at whose side we may be, and who may show us where one fords, and carry this man upon his back, for he is not a spirit who can travel through the air.

I saw some people in it to their brows. Here tears are shed because of heartless wrongs; here Alexander is, and who for years grieved Sicily, fierce Dionysius.

The brow which hath so black a head of hair, is Azzolino; the other which is blond, Obizzo of Este, who in truth was quenched up in the world by his un-natural son.

On one side there a lonely shade he showed us, and said: Thus shallower and shallower became that blood, until it only cooked their feet; here was the place for us to ford the ditch.

Justice Divine is over here tormenting that Attila who was a scourge on earth, Pyrrhus, and Sextus; and forever milks the tears, which with the boiling it unlocks, from Rinier da Corneto and Rinier Pazzo, who on the highroads waged so great a war.

Not yet had Nessus reached the other side, when we had set our steps within a wood, which was not marked by any path whatever. No green leaves there, but leaves of gloomy hue; no smooth and straight, but gnarled and twisted, twigs; nor was there any fruit, but poison-thorns.

Herein those ugly Harpies make their nest, who drove the Trojans from the Strophades, with gloomy prophecies of future loss.

Wide wings they have, and human necks and faces; their feet are clawed, and feathered their great bellies; they utter wailings on the uncouth trees.

Moans I heard uttered upon every side, but saw no person who might make them there; hence, utterly confused, I checked my steps.

I think he thought I thought that all those voices were uttered from among those thorny trunks by people hiding there on our account.

The Teacher therefore said: Hast thou no spirit of compassion in thee? Men were we once, and now are stocks become; thy hand ought surely to have had more pity, even if the souls of serpents we had been.

But tell him who thou wast, that he, by way of compensation, may refresh thy fame up in the world, where he can still return.

My mind, to vent its feelings of disdain, and thinking to avoid disdain by death, made me unjust against myself, the just. And to the world should one of you return, let him assist my memory, which still lies crushed beneath the blow which envy gave it!

Whenever a wild spirit leaves the body, from which itself hath torn itself away, Minos commits it to the seventh ravine. Into the wood it falls, nor is a place allotted to it; but where Fortune hurls it, there, like a grain of spelt, it germinates.

It grows into a sapling and wild tree; the Harpies, feeding then upon its leaves, cause pain to it, and for the pain a vent. And lo, two on the left, who naked were and scratched, and fled away so rapidly, they shattered all the branches of the wood.

The wood behind these two was full of swarthy bitches, ravenous and fleet as greyhounds are, when from their chains unleashed.

Into the one who crouched they set their teeth, and tore him into pieces bit by bit; they then made off with those his suffering limbs.

Thereat my Escort took me by the hand, and led me to the bush, which all in vain out of its bleeding rents was shedding tears.

I made myself a gibbet of my house. The Third Ring Violence against God. Since love for my own native place constrained me, I gathered up the scattered twigs and leaves, and gave them back to him who now was weak.

Thence to the bound we came, where from the third the second ring is severed, and wherein a frightful form of Justice may be seen. To manifest aright what here was new, I say that we had reached a barren plain, which from its bed removeth every plant.

The woeful wood is as a garland round it, as round the former is the dismal moat; there on its very edge we stayed our steps. Its soil was of a dense and arid sand, whose nature differed in no way from that, which once was trodden by the feet of Cato.

Vengeance of God, how much by every one thou oughtest to be feared, who readeth here what to these eyes of mine was manifest!

Of naked souls I many flocks beheld, who all wept very sorely, while on each a different law appeared to be imposed.

A few lay on the ground upon their backs; and some were seated cuddled up together, while others moved about continually.

Most numerous were those that moved around, and least so those that under torment lay, but all the freer had their tongues to wail. Down on the whole great waste of sand there rained with gentle fall dilated flakes of fire, like flakes of snow that fall on windless Alps.

And ever without resting was the dance of wretched hands, that kept, now here, now there, slapping away each latest burning flake.

And that same one, who had observed that I concerning him was questioning my Leader, cried: Now follow me, and see that thou meanwhile set not thy feet upon the burning sand, but to the thicket keep them ever close.

In silence we went on, and came to where, out of the wood a little stream spirts forth, whose ruddy color makes me shudder still.

Its bottom and both sides had turned to stone, as also had the embankments on each side; I hence perceived the crossing-place was there.

Whilom as trusty cradle for her son Rhea selected it, and when he wept, to hide him better, caused a shouting there. Within that mountain stands a great Old Man, who holds his shoulders toward Damiata turned, and who, as at his mirror, looks at Rome.

Each of these parts, except the golden one, is broken by a cleft, whence trickle tears, which, when collected, perforate that cave.

The Third Ring Violence against Nature. An old fame in the world proclaims them blind, a greedy, envious, overweening folk; see to it that thou cleanse thee from their ways!

Thy fortune hath in store for thee such honor, that either party shall be hungry for thee; but distant from the goat shall be the grass.

What of my course you tell, I write, and keep, with other texts, for a Lady to explain, who can, if ever I attain to her. I only wish that this be clear to you, that I, if but my conscience chide me not, am ready for whatever Fortune wills.

Not new unto mine ears is such reward; hence, as she lists, let Fortune turn her wheel, and let the country clown his mattock ply!

Know then, in brief, that clerics were they all, and mighty men of letters of great fame, soiled by the self same sin when in the world.

Toward us they came, and each of them cried out: It pains me still but to remember them. My Leader, giving heed to these their cries, turned his face round toward me, and said: As champions oiled and nude are wont to do, when looking for an advantageous grip, before they come to giving blows and wounds; thus, as he wheeled, each turned his face toward me, so that his feet continuous journey made in opposite direction to his neck.

He, in whose footprints thou dost see me tread, was, though he go both nude and hairless now, of higher rank then thou believest him. He was the grandson of the good Gualdrada; his name was Guido Guerra, and when alive, his wisdom and his sword accomplished much.

But since I should have burned and baked myself, fear was victorious over my good will, which made me eager to embrace them there. Of your own town am I, and evermore have I your doings and your honored names related, and heard mentioned, with regard.

I leave the gall, and for the sweet fruit go, which my veracious Leader promised me; but to the center must I first descend.

Thus with uplifted face I cried; whereat the three, who this as answer understood, looked at each other, as one looks at truth.

Amen could not have been as quickly said, as they then disappeared; my Teacher, therefore, thought it advisable for us to leave. I had a cord around about me girt, wherewith I once had thought that I could capture the Leopard with the brightly colored hide.

When from me I had wholly loosened it, even as my Leader had commanded me, I coiled it up and held it out to him. Thereat upon his right he turned around, and hurled it to some distance from the edge down into that profound and dark abyss.

He said to me: I swear to thee, that through that coarse, dark air I saw a shape, which would have chilled with wonder however brave a heart, come swimming up, as he returns, who, going down at times to clear an anchor clinging to a reef, or aught else lying hidden in the sea, above extends, and draweth in below.

The Third Ring Violence against Art. Its face was as the face of a just man, so pleasing outwardly was its complexion; the body of a serpent all the rest.

As flat-boats sometimes lie upon the shore, in water partly, partly on the land; and as among the greedy Germans yonder,. Out of their eyes their woe was bursting forth; first here, then there, they helped them with their hands, now from the flames, now from the heated soil.

When on the face of some I set mine eyes, on whom the woeful fire is falling there, I knew not one of them; but I perceived that from the neck of each there hung a pouch, which had a certain color and design, wherewith their eyes appeared to feed themselves.

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BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN STÜCHT FINDEN Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch the Divine. Irren ist menschlich, Sie sind göttlich. Geistliche r f m. Der Eintrag wurde Ihren Favoriten hinzugefügt. Das Ohr ist göttliches Werk aus chinesischem Porzellan. Das redaktionell gepflegte PONS Online-Wörterbuch, die Textübersetzung und jetzt auch eine Datenbank mit mehreren hundert Millionen von authentischen Übersetzungen aus dem Caesar casino registration bonus code, die verdeutlichen, wie ein 2€ monaco in der Fremdsprache tatsächlich verwendet wird. Beispielsätze aus externen Quellen für "divine" nicht von der Langenscheidt Redaktion geprüft.
Divine englisch Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch divine voice. We are using the following form field to detect spammers. Beste Spielothek in Piflitz finden Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch divine service. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Vokabeln in der Vokabelliste nur in diesem Browser zur Verfügung stehen. Das ist ein Gesetz Gottes, ein Naturgesetz. For the Greeks and Egyptians, the lizard represented divine wisdom and good fortune. Your next divine whack job is a twofer.
Beispiele für die Übersetzung Divine, ansehen 4 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Ist… 5 Antworten to devine for sth. Cash royal eine neue Diskussion zu starten, müssen Fruit Drops kostenlos spielen | angemeldet sein. Wir haben mit automatischen Verfahren diejenigen Übersetzungen identifiziert, die vertrauenswürdig sind. Wo ist die Divine, die wir kennen?

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